Hsiendai Co., Ltd

Your one-stop lock picking tools sourcing center for large or middle wholesalers!

How to Delivery

Hsiendai is located in Taizhou in Zhejiang Province (orange), a beautiful coastal city borders Wenzhou and Ningbo. We don’t ship goods to you via local DHL/TNT/UPS/FedEx, but we have 2 carriers from Shanghai (nearest from us) and Shenzhen (when ship transponder keys).

Generally we ship goods to Shanghai (EMS/FedEx (in Jiaxing)/DHL Hongkong) or Shenzhen (DHL Hongkong) to our carriers, as they offer a better shipping charges. The only problem is that we need 1-2 days to send goods to Shanghai or Shenzhen, and then our carriers will arrange shipping it to you.

A tracking number shall be available when our carriers give us, you can always track where your goods arrives in, and make ready to pick it up when it comes near. Please count the items you ordered, and inform us if anything went wrong.

Thank you for all your cooperation!