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Hsiendai Locksmith Tools Price List

I am always asked to send a price list when a new customer inquiries us, so I decided to write this post and put our price list downloading url in public.

I don’t know how to edit a perfect PDF document, I edited it in Excel 2007 for Mac, and then saved it as a PDF document. It looks good but it has 1.5M in size, and it’s terrible uploading it as a attachment whenever sending an email.

It made things easy if a new customer could download the price list himself, a lot of time can be saved for both of us, here’s our price list downloading URLs:

The price list downloading URLs will be updated whenever I revise the PDF document, so you can always try to download the latest version here above when we have new products. Thank you. And if you have any questions, please let me know. 🙂

Please NOTE: all of our prices are negotiable, if you think our price is higher than others, please let me know, thanks.


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