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28 Responses

  1. kim geon pyo
    2012/03/29 at 11:56:42

    It is Korea.
    Does the purchased goods?
    How do I register?

    • Raymon Samuel
      2015/12/07 at 18:21:32

      How do I register up, we are A&B. locksmith

      • Charles Peng
        2015/12/21 at 21:04:30

        Do not need to be registered, what items you’re interested in, let me know, thanks.

  2. Chris Roney
    2012/03/31 at 14:17:35

    I am interested in these items:
    Please contact me for prices. Thanks

    • terry
      2014/03/25 at 06:04:52

      please remove me from your web site it does me no good when you send me products with no prices!

  3. hadi hakhshi
    2012/04/28 at 14:01:37

    good day
    pleas send me price Transponder key shells
    can you send to iran?


  4. George Gavrillas
    2012/06/08 at 05:07:39

    Dear customer support,

    I’m interested in this your item : Lishi HU100 Key Reader/Decoder
    Please let me know the order details including shipping cost to the US.
    I can pay it by PayPal , if you accept it.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,

  5. Frank
    2012/06/28 at 00:56:21

    1 x premium For Tibbe Pick en Decoder
    2 x Locksmith practice cutaway
    1 x HU 92 Quick pick tool
    1 x Goso Jackknife style lock pick
    1 x Goso Extraction
    15 x Goso Cross Tool
    2 x 5 pcs Cross Tool
    1 x Cross lock quick opener
    1 x AB Lock Quick Tool
    1 x Extension wretch with light
    1 x Automotive broken key extractor
    1 x Hosehold locks broken key extractor
    1 x Broken key extractor pack
    1 x BMW Quick tool 3rd Generation
    1 x Ford Tibbe Pick with leather case
    2 x Lishi Laser Picks HU66 (2)
    2 x Lishi Laser Picks HU66 (1)
    2 x Lishi Laser Pick HU64
    2 x Lishi laer pick HU 58
    1 x Lishi Laser pick HU100
    1 x Lishi Laser Pick HU 92
    2 x Lishi Key Cutter

  6. Miroslav Benda
    2012/09/13 at 01:36:46

    Jakým způsobem se dá vystavené zboží koupit? Jsem z České republiky.

  7. David Reilly
    2012/09/14 at 01:44:17

    I would like to enquire on this product about it availabilty and price please.


    Thank you.


  8. Mario Adler
    2012/12/06 at 01:39:10

    Hello Charlie i need more tools.Lishi HU 66(1),HU66(2),HU92 2 Track,HU100(R),HU100,HU58.And Pump Wedge Blue Large Middle Small.Please give me a price for the tools.Best regards Mario

  9. tamara harris
    2013/03/30 at 09:53:44

    Hi, my name is Tamara and I was trying to purchase an dog car seat cover that covers the seats as well as the floor. I found one that might work but it doesn’t tell u how to order it. Could u please email me with the proper information on how to order this item. It’s the hammock dog style is the one I’m looking at.

  10. phil browne
    2013/04/10 at 04:59:12

    I’m just confirming myself like charily asked actually I got an email but it lead to a wrong URL so please send me your weekly newsletter

    Thnx phil

  11. Mateo
    2013/06/09 at 08:35:15

    Good afternoon.
    I represent a group of professional locksmith and I need send me a complete price list.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Miroslav Benda
    2013/06/20 at 20:39:15

    Jak si mám kupovat Vaše zboží? Prosím o odpověď v češtině.

  13. moshe
    2013/07/14 at 01:44:45

    i would like to price for transponder keys for FORD ,NISSAN, HONDA, CHRYSLER,GM,TOYOTA AND AUDI

  14. Mohamed
    2014/04/17 at 04:12:42

    What is the price please?
    Can I pay you by paypal?

    Lishi HU92 Pick Tool, for all BMW 2 track models including those with inset handles.

  15. Olli
    2014/08/04 at 14:20:14

    Hi Charlie,

    how are you?

    I’m interested in the “AB Lock Quick Tool”. At first one piece of the item. If I could find the URL the this priduct on the website, I’d sent the link. But it’s in your cataloque. How much is it in total with the shipping to Germany? Do you only sell the version from the picture with the blue case or do you have got also other types of foil impressioning sets?

    Thank you and have a nice day…

    best regards


  16. Raymon
    2014/11/28 at 05:08:53

    How many tools do you carry for American cars ? Could you send a list if you have one

  17. ibrahim karakoyun
    2015/02/19 at 17:10:08

    Honda Inner Groove Pick what price you want to get up thank you

  18. auto-adam
    2015/04/21 at 15:25:26

    hello dou you have lishi hu66 master keys now in stock??

    i need 250 pice’s of it

    whats is price per pice let me now

  19. Eric Hen- Boisen
    2015/10/10 at 15:36:29

    I want to purchase inner groove picks for BMW ,Mercedes ,Ford and VAG

  20. bejani
    2016/01/21 at 23:07:43

    GOSO plug spinner (What is the price please?)

  21. liviu
    2016/03/14 at 01:49:45

    pLEASE TELL ME THE PRICE FOR THIS” Ford Tibbe Decoder And Pick AND deckoder

  22. liviu
    2016/03/14 at 01:51:36

    ….and this what pric?,,,1 x premium For Tibbe Pick en Decoder

  23. paul
    2016/05/31 at 04:56:41

    price for ten units lishi training vice

  24. Eric
    2018/06/27 at 06:31:55

    Interested focus direct key reader hu101 price im in Puerto Rico. Zip code 00745

  25. Thomas Sharp
    2018/11/25 at 11:00:59

    Premium Ford Tibbe Pick & Decoder.

    Please send me a price for 10 units of the above including delivery to 11 Fernside Court, Almondbury, Huddersfield HD58PN, West Yorkshire, U.K.
    Thanking you,
    Thomas Sharp

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