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Amazon FBA Service

Amazon FBA Service

Recently I noticed a lot of people are selling lock picks on Amazon (this link for Amazon UK), and many of these products being sold has a very good reviews, and I think it’s sold best as it has hundreds of reviews.

Are you selling or do you plan to sell on Amazon? And dropship by FBA or other fulfillment services? We are here helping you, so that you can concentrate on selling the products itself.

Our team also sells on eBay and uses a fulfillment service, so that I know how dropship works. I can help you on these fields: products customizing, labeling, packing and FBA shipment.

Customizing: We can help you customize the product with your own logo. To do this, minimum order quantities is required on some products.

Labeling: Send me a label that generated by Amazon FBA, and we can help you labeling it on each product.

Packing: We can help you packing every single item that comes with no packing in an envelop, and then put a label on the envelop. If the item was packed in case, we put the label on every case.

Shipping: We can help you directly shipping to Amazon warehouses with a label generated by FBA on each carton, to the address specified by FBA.

This will be a paid service, but I promise we still supply products at its wholesale price of the product(s) keeps the same with those on our price list, and a small amount of shipping and handling fees will be added.

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